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The Explorer's Guild

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The Explorer's Guild

The upcoming game based on the bestselling Journey, a solo worldbuilding and roleplaying experience built specifically for the worlds most popular tabletop roleplaying game

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A brand new solo journaling experience focused around building and enhancing deep, realized character for books, tabletop roleplaying games, and more. Meet your characters, expand your world, inspire your creativity.

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Bestselling solo roleplaying game for creatives, worldbuilders, writers, and the Uncommonly Curious

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Good Dog

A short and heartfelt journaling game celebrating the amazing lives of love and devotion shared with us by humanity's best furry friends: dogs

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Tools & Utilities

Tome for Game Masters and Players

This collection of annually updated creative session journals for Game Masters and Players has been built to prime the pump of your creativity for weekly sessions.

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Expanded Aspects for Journey

Supplement for the bestselling worldbuilding tool and solo roleplaying game Journey, doubling the inspiration available by doubling your available Aspect lists

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