Creative Session Journals for Game Masters and Players of Tabletop Roleplaying Games

Tome for Game Masters and Players is a new creative journaling experience built for the talented, dedicated folks who run and play in tabletop roleplaying game campaigns.

This tool has been crafted to aid you as you progress through your current campaign, helping to keep creativity and fun front of mind while assisting you in building new experiences for your players.

Each week, flip open to the next entry in the book (or to whichever you’d like to explore), consider the prompts presented, and record your answers. They are aimed at ‘priming the pump’ of your creativity, and getting you into the right headspace for a weekly session, and occasionally helping to come up with something entirely new.

Finally, each week includes a recap page to record the highlights of what happened during that week’s session, a spot to think about goals for the next session, as well as a fun activity aimed to entertain and help generate new ideas.

Let’s get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there options for buying a set of books for the DM/GM and Players at my table if we all want to try Tome?

Yes! It can be a really fun experience for everyone at the table to be using Tome, and especially if you decide to share anything you’ve come up with. It will really showcase how different some answers people get are from your own.

At launch, we will be creating a number of options on DriveThruRPG for this exact situation, depending on the size of your table. Buying a set of books in this way will net you a bit of a discount, to boot!

My session prep style doesn’t exactly fit with these kinds of questions, or I don’t plan ahead in the ways that some of these prompts ask me to. Can I still use Tome?

Absolutely! I don’t even necessarily plan as far out as some of these prompts, or try to predict what my players will do (spoiler alert, it’s never what I think they’ll do), or what my character will want to do far in the future.

These prompts are aimed primarily at generating new ideas or inspiration. You don’t have to use those ideas right now. They can be saved for later, dropped into another campaign, or dismissed entirely. This whole thing is a creative exercise, and you can use what comes out of it however you like.

Can I share pictures of exercises or prompt responses from this book on social media?

We’d love it if you did! We want to see all of the cool things you come up with while using Tome, and want you to feel comfortable sharing those things that won’t be spoilers for your campaign.

If you want to share anything, consider tagging us so we can see it too! We’re on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok at @graycastlepress, and on Reddit at r/graycastlepress. We can’t wait to see what you create!

What if I can’t think of a good answer to a prompt?

If you have a hard time thinking of an answer to a question, or your answer is simply ‘no,’ that’s okay! It can sometimes help to ask ‘why’ in response to this kind of answer or try to tweak the initial question a bit. If the answer is still ‘no,’ you can always draw a nice picture in that prompt’s space, or write a lil poem.

Should I plan to share any of these answers with my gaming group? If they’re also using Tome, should they show theirs to me?

This is a super common question, and the answer is the most unsatisfying answer in the world: it depends.

This really is a question of individual preference, and of the group as a whole. There shouldn’t be an ‘expectation’ of someone sharing their Tome entries with you, as that’s not the point of these exercises. These prompts are focused on imagining and exploring, and thinking you have to ‘show your work’ ruins that whole vibe.

That said, if you have an answer you might like to share with your players, or if they want to share something with you, it’s obviously up to you. The families and friends we make in this game are often the people who we most love to share with. So if you want to, and everyone is comfortable, share away!

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