Expanded Aspects for Journey

Supplement for the bestselling worldbuilding tool and solo roleplaying game Journey, doubling the inspiration available by doubling your available Aspect lists

Welcome back, traveler!

This supplement for the bestselling worldbuilding tool and solo roleplaying game Journey doubles the list of Aspects available to players in one handy document! In Journey, Aspects are the interesting and granular details that explorers will ‘zoom in’ on while exploring, adding a depth of detail and sense of life to the worlds they have created. This expansion offers a whole new source of inspiration to players, adding new and exciting possibilities to take back to their writing, campaign setting, or other worldbuilding work.

These Aspect lists can be mixed in with the originals to change things up a little, used in place of them altogether to change things up a lot, or players can pick and choose from both sets to get the best of both worlds.

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