Supplement for the bestselling worldbuilding tool and solo roleplaying game Journey, doubling the inspiration available by doubling your available Aspect lists

Unleash a torrent of creative possibilities with twice the Aspect prompts, propelling your worldbuilding and TTRPG campaigns to breathtaking new heights.

Reignite Your Inspiration

Feeling the spark of your initial Journey dimming? Expanded Aspects is your secret weapon. Imagine:

  • 2x the prompts: No more staring at a blank page. Dive into fresh perspectives and thought-provoking questions for every Aspect in your world.
  • Unforeseen twists: Unravel mysteries you never knew existed. Expanded Aspects unlocks hidden connections and surprising narratives waiting to be discovered.
  • Rich, layered worlds: Breathe life into every corner. Expand characters, magic systems, history, and more with prompts designed to reveal untold depths.

Double the Fun, Double the Reward

Whether you’re a solo worldbuilder or a TTRPG storyteller, Expanded Aspects supercharges your experience:

  • Solo writers: Dive deeper into character motivations, plot intricacies, and world-altering events. Your solo sessions will never be the same.
  • TTRPG game masters: Captivate your players with richer encounters, unexpected plot hooks, and characters brimming with complexity. Your campaigns become legendary.

Don’t let the embers of your creativity fade. Rekindle the flame with Expanded Aspects today!