Ditch the stress and unleash your creativity with Affinity Publisher Homebrew Templates.

NOTE: These templates are still in beta status, and are being actively developed. All updates, fixes, and improvements to these templates will always be free for anyone who buys the templates, and you’ll be automatically notified when they are released via DriveThruRPG

You’ve poured your heart into your homebrew. You’ve meticulously crafted monsters, designed dungeons, and woven compelling narratives. But there’s one final hurdle: formatting it for publication.

You stare at a blank document, overwhelmed by the technicalities of layout, design, and font choices. The dream of seeing your creation in print starts to fade.

You’re not alone. Countless aspiring creators get stuck in this layout labyrinth. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Introducing Affinity Publisher Homebrew Templates, your secret weapon to transform your vision into reality.

These foundational templates, available in both US Letter and A5 sizes, are your pre-built launchpad. Forget wrestling with margins, columns, and font sizes. Simply drop your content into the pre-designed sections, add your own artwork, and watch your homebrew come to life.

  • Effortless Layout: No more design headaches! Focus on your content while Affinity Publisher handles the heavy lifting.
  • Open License Fonts: Worry-free publishing! Fonts in the current version are inspired by the typography of D&D 5th Edition publications without licensing hassles.
  • Building Blocks for Creativity: Mix and match pre-designed elements—tables, stat blocks, sidebars—to create a unique layout that reflects your story.
  • US Letter & A5: Cater to your audience and printing preferences with both popular page sizes included.
  • Future-Proof Design: Stay ahead of the curve with templates compatible with Affinity Publisher’s latest updates.
  • Always-Free Updates: As these templates continue to be refined and improved, you’ll always get updated files completely free.

Don’t let layout anxiety steal your spotlight. Get your hands on Affinity Publisher Homebrew Templates today and watch your homebrew adventure leap from your mind to the printed page.