Good Dog

A short and heartfelt journaling game celebrating the amazing lives of love and devotion shared with us by humanity's best furry friends: dogs

Good Dog is a journaling game created to offer a way to see the amazing life of love and devotion that a special dog shared with you from a new perspective: their own. By putting yourself in their paws and considering the moments that made their canine life special, you might gain some sense of peace and comfort.

I hope this game will offer a chance to grieve, a chance to remember, and maybe even a chance to heal.

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A note on the reality of

Grief and Loss

Grief is real, and it can be intense. It’s no less real or intense just because the loss you are grieving is that of an animal member of your family. Animals that we call family are so pure and full of love, and their loss can be devastating.

If you are in the midst of more intense grief, Good Dog may call more memories to mind than you are ready to process. Give yourself as much time as you need, and don’t push yourself faster than you feel truly ready for.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t feel like you ever need to set your grief aside just because someone doesn’t feel that it’s ‘real.’

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