Explore how our stories and legends change over the ages in this play-by-post tabletop roleplaying game

When myths and legends are exposed to the sheer force of time passing, their details shift and change, and original intent gets lost or warped. Fairy tales regarded as the stuff of myth might have once been genuine cautionary tales meant to teach people how to avoid danger, with those dangers now lost to the mists of time and leaving a strange legend as their collective corpse.

These legends and myths changing over the years are the focus of Generation Loss, a game seeking to create a space in which a group of players can use their creative minds to imagine the changes the twin forces of time and history would make to the original stories.

How will time itself change and shape your story? 

Let’s find out.

What is Generation Loss?

The actual term “generation loss” is most often used in computer science, referring to the way data quality can be lost between copies or transcodes of data. Over time and use, these copies can degrade more and more, with their sharper details potentially lost.

This game applies that concept to the stories of civilizations in a collaborative game of legendary telephone. You’ll pass these mythical tales through a circle of creative minds and game mechanics to envision how the intervening years and events would shape those enduring stories.

At the end, you’ll get to see the final result of your original legend after it’s passage through the hands of the rest of your circle, as well as a view on the events that befell your civilization that caused those changes.