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Tome creative campaign journals are tools crafted to help Tabletop RPG game masters and players add new inspiration to their campaigns.

Tome’s collections of weekly prompts help keep creativity and fun front of mind while assisting players and game masters alike in crafting new experiences and ideas for their characters and games.

By offering creative prompts, exercises, and activities each week, this book will encourage new ways to think about the characters, places, worlds, and stories in your tabletop campaigns.

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Is Tome just for D&D, or can it be used with other systems?

Tome is completely system agnostic, so whether you’re leading or playing, you can use Tome to add a shot of creativity to every session.

What’s the difference between Tome for Players and Tome for Game Masters?

In Tome for Players, you’ll get prompts that help you explore your own character in new ways, think about how your character relates to their party members, about the story of the campaign as it stands, and about your own role as a player and what you want to get out of playing the game.

In Tome for Game Masters, the questions instead focus on thinking critically about the characters within the game you’re running, the NPCs that you’ve populated the world around the party with, the exciting details of the world itself, and your role as a game master and the things you’d like to experience.

What’s the difference between Tome Volume 1 and Volume 2?

While some prompts that felt particularly timeless in Volume 1 made the cut for Volume 2, I worked hard to ensure that Volume 2 felt like a continuation and an expansion. You’ll find new prompts and activities that help continue the journey of creative thinking.

Do I need to have Volume 1 in order to use Volume 2?

Nope! You can pick up either volume and have a satisfying, creative, independent experience.

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