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I created Deals of Opportunity because I wanted more out of my DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Master’s Guild wishlists.

The whole OneBookshelf family of websites has such an awesome selection of titles of so many kinds. And they make it really easy to add lots of titles to multiple wishlists and keep track of all of the cool stuff you want to buy.

But then… nothing? You could share the wishlist to other people, and look through your lists. And that was it. Until now!

Deals of Opportunity lets you take all of those awesome wishlists and make them work for you. For any wishlists you add to your Deals of Opportunity account, you’ll get notified when any titles on those lists go on sale.

And that’s it, fully automated. To pull a line from one of my favorite 90’s informercials, you just “set it and forget it.”

A simple way to never miss a sale on the titles you want again!


Is it really free? What’s the catch?

Totally free to use, and no catch! There are no plans to have any kind of premium service or paid tiers. Just sync your wishlists and get notifications of discounts. Links to titles are affiliate links, so any time you make a purchase through Deals of Opportunity, we’ll get a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Can I only subscribe to one wishlist at a time?

Nope! Whether you have one wishlist or 100, you can add as many as you like to Deals of Opportunity. This is great for users who like to keep one wishlist per site, or break their wishlists into categories. Only add those you want notifications on to Deals of Opportnity, and you’re set.

What does it mean to have a “preferred marketplace” set on my account?

The family of OneBookshelf sites (like DriveThruRPG, The Dungeon Master’s Guild, DriveThru Fiction, Wargame Vault, etc) all share a common architecture, and in fact a common database. Your user account on one will allow you to log in to any of them. Your wishlists on one site are actually fully universal and can contain titles from any of their sites. You can actually open a title you find on DriveThruRPG on Pathfinder Infinite, or any other OBS site.

Choosing a “preferred marketplace” is just a quality of life feature for Deals of Opportunity users, as often we have sites we prefer. For example, I use DriveThruRPG most often, and would prefer to view titles there. This simply ensures any title links on the website or in your notificaiton emails open titles on a website you prefer.

You can change this selection at any time

Is Deals of Opportunity only for tabletop roleplaying games? Does it only work on DriveThruRPG and The Dungeon Master’s Guild?

There are so much more than just TTRPG titles on the various OneBookshelf sites. You can bring your wishlists from Wargame Vault, Pathfinder Infinite, DriveThru Fiction, and all OneBookshelf sites to Deals of Opportunity and get notified any time they go on sale.


Deals of Opportunity is such an underrated service! I get the best possible deals on the TTRPGs I want for free? A no brainer.


Verified Deals of Opportunity User

Key Features

  • Make DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Master’s Guild wishlist more useful
  • Simple, automated, and free. Set up your wishlists, manage them as normal, and just get notified when titles you want are on sale.
  • Historic lowest price reported for all titles, showing the lowest price Deals of Opportunity has seen for a watched title

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Luke Miller is a writer, game designer, and software developer who lives in sunny California with his husband Roman and their two corgis, Luna and Sol. He has had a lifelong passion for fantasy and science fiction and has recently discovered a love for tabletop roleplaying games.

After exploring the world of TTRPG’s as a player and game master, Luke was struck by the game design bug and quickly jumped into the creation of his first game: Journey. Through this process, he learned many lessons on what to do (and, more importantly, what not to do), and looks to take these learnings into the next game.

In addition to designing his next games, Luke is writing content on the Graycastle Press Journal talking about running tabletop roleplaying games, concepts in game design, writing fiction, and more.