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With the ongoing rise in popularity of the almighty tabletop roleplaying game (in all of its evolving forms), more and more blogs are cropping up. Creators, passionate about this hobby and community, do a fantastic job of distilling their varying levels of experience and knowledge into some really interesting blogs, but the sheer number tends to feel a little overwhelming. With so many places to look, how do you know which to spend some time with?

I am an unabashed RSS reader lover (currently really enjoying the new version of NetNewsWire on iOS), and my TTRPG folder is always getting packed with more really great blogs. From tips on running my campaign and improving as a Dungeon Master to reviews of tools that are useful even as a player, there’s just a ton of great creators putting out some wonderful work.

A note about this non-exhaustive, highly opinionated list

I’d be remiss if I didn’t open with this little caveat: this list is just my current favorites, not an exhaustive breakdown of every tabletop roleplaying game blog going. There are just too many amazing creators out there, and new blogs are cropping up every day. Expect this list to grow and change over time as I find new blogs, as websites go dark, and as the community evolves, but don’t expect it to have every single blog ranked.

And on the topic of ranking, this list is in no particular order. Just because a blog is at the top or bottom doesn’t necessarily mean its of more use or greater quality than the others!

I know, I know, this was a long caveat, but I’d really hate it if anyone found that their own favorites (or even their own blog) were left off of this list. Have a great blog you’d like to see here? Drop it in the comments at the bottom of the post!

Which tabletop roleplaying game blogs should you check out?

Without further ado, the list!

Sly Flourish

Helping Dungeon Masters run great D&D games.

Luke’s Take

Written by Michael J. Shea, the author of some great books on running the game (Return of the Lazy Dungeon Master being one of the better known), the Sly Flourish blog has consistently useful information for folks who are running Dungeons & Dragons (though, often, these tips can apply to those running any tabletop roleplaying game, not just D&D). The blog has been updated consistently since 2008, so there’s an impressive backlog of information and advice.

Favorite Posts

Frugal GM

A place to find resource-saving options for running a better Role Playing Game.

Luke’s Take

With the latin tagline “Aut inveniam viam aut faciam” which translates to “I shall find a way or make one,” you get a pretty good idea of what the Frugal GM is all about. Christopher Stogdill has been building his own directory of free and affordable TTRPG content for a few years now, with the earliest posted back in 2012.

Uhh, I just said 2012 was a few years ago. That was over a decade ago. I just made myself feel old.

Regardless, this site is GREAT for those looking for some fantastic resources that can help enhance their games with price tags that are often zero. I’ve found some great resources and tools from Christopher’s blog that have really added value to my games.

Favorite Posts

The Angry GM

RPG Advice with Attitude

Luke’s Take

While Scott Rehm’s blog has, in my experience, been polarizing (some folks I’ve spoken with have taken issue with his brash attitude and tone), the Angry GM tends to put out content that I’ve found pretty useful in learning to run my own game and find my own creative style.

The Angry GM’s advice is unapologetically opinionated, with articles with series of articles like “Making Players Give a F$&%” and “Narrative Bulls$&% for GMs,” and that’s what makes me enjoy the content. He doesn’t waffle about preferences or put up with nuances of systems he doesn’t like. I don’t agree with some of his opinions, and I tend to run my games in a very different manner, but that’s what makes it so great. Getting other viewpoints, opinions, and seeing how other folks run their games just helps to better clarify the things I like and dislike in this wonderful hobby.

Favorite Posts


Dungeons & Dragons design, advice, tools and inspiration

Luke’s Take

The tabletop RPG hobby has been around for a while, and that means there are wonderful folks out there with a pretty stunning depth of knowledge and experience. Some of those same folks are even willing to share that knowledge freely. David Hartlage does just that on his DMDavid blog, with his tabletop gaming experience going back to 1977.

The DMDavid blog is a fantastic all-around resource, with little bits of knowledge in a really broad range of topics. I really enjoy the way David writes and communicates, and a lot of the topics he covers have been really useful and applicable to the running of my own games.

Favorite Posts

Hipsters & Dragons

Because roleplaying is social, creative, fun… and kinda cool!

Luke’s Take

Duncan Rhodes appears to be one of the newer bloggers in this list, with posts going back to 2016, but that doesn’t mean the content of Hipsters & Dragons is any less useful. This blog covers a nicely broad range of topics, and has some really good resources for folks who are just getting started on their TTRPG journeys.

Favorite Posts

Best Tabletop Roleplaying Game Blogs

There you have it, my own list of favorite five tabletop roleplaying game blogs currently. Have I missed any that should be included in my RSS feed? I’d love to hear about your favorites in the comments!

Luke Miller

Luke Miller

Luke Miller is a writer, game designer, and software developer who lives in sunny California with his fiance Roman and their two corgis, Luna and Sol. He has had a lifelong passion for fantasy and science fiction and has recently discovered a love for tabletop roleplaying games.

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