The bestselling new worldbuilding tool and solo roleplaying game for writers, game masters, and the Uncommonly Curious

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Journey is a solo roleplaying game that puts you in the role of an explorer in the worlds of your own creation. Discover new details of these amazing places and gather new inspiration from what you find. This game is perfect for writers, designers, game masters, and the uncommonly curious.

Journey is a game and tool in one beautiful, whimsical package. It is both a useful exercise in creativity and an enjoyable gaming experience.

This book is a new tool of imagination, a vehicle of creativity that has the capabilities to guide you deeper into the ephemeral locations and spaces of your own creation and help give them greater depth and form in both your mind and work.

It’s time to leave on a grand adventure.

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This is helping so much. I can get so overwhelmed by world building every little thing, and this has helped me focus my energies. I've written up an entire magical system that previously felt impossible to figure out, just by putting myself in the headspace of a tourist experiencing it. Thank you for coming up with this! I can tell it's going to be a valuable tool in my arsenal of creativity.

Madeline McDonaldWriter

Being able to safely become a tourist in my own worlds is massively fun. I've had more fun with Journey than I have with anything else in literally months. This is seriously a dream come true for me. Fantastic work.

LanternWitchHobbyist Writer

By taking you on a journey through his own storytelling process, Miller gives you the tools to explore your imagination. Not only is it useful, Journey encourages creativity in a fun play-through. Get excited for your own unique story, for it'll be one you won't soon forget.

Abe DysmasTabletop RPG Player

If you're a worldbuilder, writer, dungeon master, or just like exploring imaginary places, Journey is a wonderful game about to expanding and expounding on the fascinating details you didn't know you knew about the places you create. I've surprised myself with what I've found and really enjoyed the discovery process.

Henry CJourney Player
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Luke Miller

Luke Miller is a writer, game designer, and software developer who lives in sunny California with his fiance Roman and their two corgis, Luna and Sol. He has had a lifelong passion for fantasy and science fiction and has recently discovered a love for tabletop roleplaying games.

After exploring the world of TTRPG’s as a player and game master, Luke was struck by the game design bug and quickly jumped into the creation of his first game: Journey. Through this process, he learned many lessons on what to do (and, more importantly, what not to do), and looks to take these learnings into the next game.

In addition to designing his next games, Luke is writing content on the Graycastle Press Journal talking about running tabletop roleplaying games, concepts in game design, writing fiction, and more.

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